Mixed-Use Urban Infill, City of Alameda, CA


An urban infill mixed-use building in a historic area in the City of Alameda. The design utilizes contemporary elements on a traditional building type to complement the surrounding. The project is compatible with the adjacent older buildings and provide harmonious transitions in scale and character. The design incorporates bay windows, recessed entries and material changes to provide articulation and break up the massing of the building.
The site has a small building which was originally a Southern Pacific Railroad waiting room and may be the last surviving example of a freestanding “train stations waiting room” that once stood along the Southern Pacific lines. This small building will be restored and donated to the Jean Sweeney Park in the City of Alameda.


Relocated existing historic “train station waiting room” to Jean Sweeney open space park.
2014 photo showed the original “train stations waiting room” at the project site & relocated to Jean Sweeney open space park to make room for the project.