Valencia Corridor, San Francisco, California

Two Victorian projects with different approach and review process.

The Hill Street House was an alteration and addition project that triggered the historic preservation review process according to “The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties”.  One of the ideas was to add a fourth story but the vertical addition will be visible from the street and it will compete with the historic Victorian.  The better option was horizontal expansion and excavation to create additional space.  The project was review under Certificate of Appropriateness Procedures.

The Valencia Mixed-Use project has a commercial ground floor and a residential second floor. The original recessed entrance lacks the required clearance for today’s accessibility standards.  San Francisco Building Code Administrative Bulletin AB-011 allows the use of powered operated door instead of the required clearances for disabled access.  A Local Equivalencies Request may also required to document the related code sections and the hardship for compliance.