"In today's real estate redevelopment industry, so much focus is on profit and margins, passion for good design has become secondary. As margins shrink, business professionals in this industry take on more jobs than they can handle, sacrificing creativity, patience, and dedication to your project. Simon Kwan, in my observations and personal experience, from small projects including recommending exterior paint colors, to over a million dollar project, more than exceeded my expectations. Simon is one of the few professionals I know that are so instinctually passionate in his work that sometimes he forgets we're doing business! When you pair his excellent listening skills along with an expansive library of experience and information, you have best tool to get the job done. Simon is good people, regardless of skill, probably one of the nicest guys I know. He only dedicates himself to a few projects at a time not to spread himself thin. Just call him with your project and just listen to what he has to say."